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Teleservices especially telehealth services are a relatively new addition to the healthcare industry that have helped to benefit both community medical services and patients. Telehealth services are a fast and affordable alternative to local hospital and suitable for patients with non-life-threatening conditions. Contact us if you need any help, treatment or collaboration. We are open to increase our team and values to help everyone on all the world.

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As a teacher, doctor or physical trainer you can work with us and provide our customers teleservices. Become a partner now

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As a student or medical health consumer you can consult our doctors, teachers, trainers or other specialist of your choice. Read me

What our clients think about us

"I have lost with Astrakos' diet more than 12 kg of my bodyfat. I was doing blood and organs tests in order to see my body's response to the diet and everything was getting healthier. Thanks for Astrakos' diet for changing my life quality".

Testimonials, a fat man who lost many kilos of his bodyweight

Lawyer| Germany

What our clients think of us

"I followed many diets without result until i found this page. They helped me and I have lost many kilos in my waist without gym. I recommend these diets for everybody".  

Testimonials, I have lost many kilos of my bodyfat

Cashier | Greece

What our clients think of us

"When i started with Astrakos Alexander i didn't even know what is carbs and what is protein. Today i know all the basic about training and nutrition. Thank you my coach Astrakos. People call me Iron man, because I achieved this in just 6 months. With Astrakos Alexander i discovered the healthiest lifestyle".

Customer testimonials Fit boy
Mo Yassin

Fitness model| Germany.


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