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Astrakos market is a consumer advice centre which provides telehealth services, including sport and health coaching, and online school assistance. All these services are provided by professional practitioners. Be one of us now!

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Our Teleservice Categories

Our public health station provides assistance via telecommunication.

We in our department hope that you find the right station.


We provide consultation and courses regarding sport and health sciences.


Get your right nutrition plan via video chat with a certified nutritionist.


Cover all the important topics in physical training to reach the ultimate performance.


Medicine deals with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment, e.g, Covid-19


Symptom assessment by asking detailed questions about the patient's illness or injury

Teletherapy ,

Is an ideal option to improve your mental health without physical contact.


We provide consultation and courses regarding sport and health sciences.

Telecoordination ,

Many don’t know which specialist to ask for help, here we can help you through.

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Customize your Service

The best way to receive a customized service that fits your needs.

Did you know?

Astrakos' teleservices are a relatively new addition to the healthcare and education industry.

Our services are a fast and affordable alternative to local hospitals, schools, and fitness constructions.

Online Hospital

Step by step to the right diagnosis & treatment. Discover our teleservices.

Online School

Expand your knowledge with our mathematics, language, sport & health teachers.

Online Coaching

We transfer actions into values. Let us work on achieving your optimal performance.



Are you looking for a customized diet which

fits your lifestyle & needs?
For Athletes! Find the right Training Plan for your Optimal Performance

Every athlete deserves the best training plan. We want to help athletes to explore their limits and to exceed them in a controlled manner.


Public Health Department

We are the link between patients and practitioners, therefore we give positions, promote, and support our partners, so they can meet millions of medical health consumers worldwide.


Pediatric medicine

I provide advices and strategies for parents on how they should deal with childhood and adolescence. Let's talk.


Preventive healthcare

Let' us talk about environmental factors, disease agents, and lifestyle choices before you realize that you are affected.


General Medicine

I deal with the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of internal diseases.


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